Music and Organs

Music forms a fundamental part of All Saints' raison d'etre. The Parish Choir sing on Sundays at the Choral Parish Mass. This small and dedicated group of singers rehearse on Thursday evenings and also enjoy a lively social life! The Director of Music is always pleased to hear from anyone who would like to join the choir. His contact details can be found here.

The Compton Organ

Choir Pipes

For many years the organ has required a complete overhaul, but this has been on hold pending restoration and re-decoration of the church. The latest estimate of the cost of the work is £150,000, and to date £23,000 has been raised.

The organ was built in 1935 by the John Compton Organ Company, and incorporates parts and pipes from an earlier instrument by Griffen & Stroud of Bath. It is modelled on the Compton instrument in Downside Abbey, using the same illuminated method of stop control as the Downside organ.

Since 1935 very little work has been carried out on the organ other than routine tuning and servicing. In 2001 the mechanism controlling the Swell manual was overhauled. This was essential maintenance carried out simply to keep the department usable, as by then there were many dumb notes. As it is several stops are unusable, mainly due to the deterioration of leatherwork within the organ. Much of the instrument has also been attacked by woodworm. Because of the way in which the organ was built access to many internal parts of the instrument is extremely difficult. Low voltage electrics, which all date from 1935, have also become extremely sluggish and need to be replaced by modern Solid State technology.

It has been apparent for many years that the organ required a complete overhaul, but this has been on hold pending restoration and re-decoration of the church. Now this is complete the church is focusing on raising money for this worthwhile project, which will be of benefit not only to the church, but also to the wider musical life of Weston-super-Mare. All Saints Church is renowned for its wonderful acoustics, making it a popular venue for concerts, recitals and recordings.

The full specification of the instrument, and details of its history, can be found here.

The Lady Chapel

A new Digital Organ is being installed in the Lady Chapel and details will appear here soon.

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